Herbal Yoni Steam Blend


The ancient practice of Vaginal Steaming has been used by many cultures to help with chronic menstrual disorders and infertility. Different than the idea of ‘douching’ - which is a dangerous way of trying to clean the vagina, yoni steaming is a practice of sitting over a pot of steaming medicinal herbs. The heat from the steam helps to increase circulation and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the tissues. The vapor from the steaming herbs also carries volatile oils that promote cleansing of the womb space and help to strengthen and tone the tissues. 

Not only is yoni steaming pleasurable & grounding, it can ease & improve a variety of conditions, including but not limited to the following…

  • Infertility

  • Painful period

  • Fibroids, Cysts

  • Endometriosis, Adenomyosis

  • Uterine weakness, Uterine prolapse

  • Irregular menstruation-heavy, light, prolonged, clots

  • Infections, bacteria imbalances, yeast/fungal growths, odors

  • Sores, Wounds, Blisters

  • Postpartum discomfort

  • Pre-menstrual symptoms, Menopausal symptoms

  • Trauma, Grief

Steaming with our specific herbal blends helps to reduce your womb woes. Our blends cleanse stagnant blood left in the uterus, regulate the menstrual cycle, and can even help to balance hormones. The herbal blends we’ve selected also speed healing and tonification after childbirth, improve blood quality, increase blood circulation, warm the uterus, and can help energetically release stored emotions.


In addition, many women enjoy the practice of yoni steaming simply because it feels good! It’s relaxing and encourages us to slow down, take time for ourselves, & connect consciously to our womb space.

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