Ultrasonic facial shovel


People are always troubled by skin problems, Do not worry! Honeyed skin scrubber helps you cleaning deeply and clear pores. Make your skin younger!

Honeyed skin scrubber with 4 modes:

  • Cleaning: The blackheads can be removed through 24k high-frequency vibration, thus effectively cleaning your facial pores.
  • Lifting: EMS pulse micro-current will be generated to reach the skin bottom through the spade head to stimulate tighten the skin.
  • Ion+: Skin can be completely cleaned according to the principle of attraction of opposite ions to have the grease and aged cutin withdrawn from the pores.
  • Ion-: Negative ions help the skin absorb nutrients 

Honeyed service team reminds you:

This product must be used when the skin is moist. Please use the toner, serum, or face wash to ensure the moisture of your facial skin.

The product is mini size(6.77*1.69*0.53in). You can put it in your handbag and clean your skin anytime, anywhere!

Wrong ways to remove blackheads

  1. Squeeze by hand, can't completely remove pore dirt, resulting in red marks
  2. Use acne needles will damage your skin
  3. Tear-off blackhead remover mask, the pores become larger

Pores freely absorb skincare products

  • ion+ Pore waste is removed and pores become clean
  • ion- serum is introduced into the bottom layer of the skin, allowing the skin to absorb faster

Easy to solve your skin problems

Honeyed skin scrubber can remove dead skin, blackheads, acne, and whitehead. Just heat your face and keep it moist before you use it.

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