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Natural Hemp Soy Wood Wick Candles


Enjoy what our 8oz Natural Hemp Soy Wood Wick Candles can bring to your space! We use natural clean ISO 9235 Certified fragrance and eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA.

Unique + proprietary 

  • Clean burning, biodegradable and natural
  • Renewable, vegan, and non-toxic
  • Skin-Safe: clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed

Why are natural candles better?

They Don’t Contain Unsavory Chemicals

With natural candles, you won’t be risking exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Traditional paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and can contain various toxins, carcinogens, and air pollutants. Organic waxes, such as soy wax or beeswax, are an easy way to avoid risking exposure to such chemicals.

Wicks made from natural materials such as cotton, hemp, or wood are a better option than metal-cored wicks, which can release toxins and even traces of lead in the worst cases.

They Burn Longer

Because natural waxes have a lower melting point, they last longer. This means you get more for your money, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite candles for much longer.

They Produce Less Soot

Natural candles burn cleaner. You won’t see as much black soot gathering on your candle or creeping onto your walls.

Natural Wax is Biodegradable

Natural wax is biodegradable, so it’s easier to clean spills and re-use empty candle containers.

Natural Hemp Soy Wood Wick Candles