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Honeyed Lips and Skincare LLC.

Organic Milk & honey bath soak


Benefits of a Milk and Honey Bath

1. Gives Smooth Skin

A milk and honey bath leave your skin supple and soft. The protein and fat content in the milk enriches your bath water and helps exfoliate the skin. The lactic acid present in the milk cleans the dead cells and hydrates the skin, thereby preventing dryness.

2. Provides Relief From Skin Irritations

Adults and children suffering from uncomfortable skin infections and irritations such as eczema can benefit from the milk and honey bath. It soothes the skin from irritations by healing and nourishing the skin. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey heal the skin, making it healthy and immune to skin irritation.

3. Anti-Aging Combination

Both milk and honey possess cleansing and antimicrobial properties. That is why numerous cleansers are prepared using these two ingredients. Apart from offering skin cleansing, honey, and milk together also help slow down the aging process and keep the skin looking young and beautiful. It removes fine lines from the face and reduces the cellulite dimples from specific areas such as thighs, hips, and upper arms.

The antioxidants present in honey and milk attack the harmful free radicals and eliminate them from the skin. These free radicals are responsible for causing several skin problems, including blotches and wrinkles.

4. Relaxing And Rejuvenating

Honey and milk bath has a rejuvenating and calming effect on your nerves. The milk soothes your skin, and the honey cleanses the skin cells from within, thereby making you feel rejuvenated and fresh. A soak in the honey and milk bath after a hard day’s work gives you the experience of a beautiful spa cleaning. 

If you are in a mood to de-stress and untangle, you can play some soothing melodies alongside while you soak your body in the honey and milk combination and immerse in its smooth and relaxing experience.

*, enjoy as much in your bath as you desire*

A blend of our selections of salts, lavender, rose, calendula, hibiscus 🌺 



Organic Milk & honey bath soak