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Luxury Yoni Steam Pot

$95.00 $130.00

Want to do your yoni steam within the comfort of your own home?

Our handcrafted yoni steam pots are made of high-quality plywood. Each seat is made with high-quality wood and has a side slot and back hole so that you may install and control your heating element (heating element not included).

We have two options:

✨Finished (waterproofed)
✨Unfinished (not waterproofed, great for personal customization)

Tips: Please take note of the importance of not steaming with plastic containers. Don’t put the hot water in a plastic bowl, don’t wrap yourself in a plastic cloak. Plastics contain numerous compounds that shouldn’t be in your body. Heat and steam tend to make it easier for those compounds to break apart and its better not to risk exposing yourself, especially if you’re steaming for fertility. It’s the same reason you shouldn’t microwave food in plastic.

Use good clean water A lot of tap water does contain trace amounts of VOCs, these are the compounds in paint, and they aerosolize easily so they can come up with the steam. Use filtered water when possible.


Are there any drawbacks to yoni steaming? Not many, as long as you follow precautions. First and foremost, never try yoni steam while pregnant or if you have any sort of infection. Secondly, yoni steams should only be used while you are not menstruating, and are not recommended for women with an intrauterine device (IUD). Finally, always be sure the steam temperature is mild so as to avoid scalding. As long as these simple precautions are followed, yoni steaming is a safe and effective holistic health treatment.

Weight Limit 350 lbs. (VERY STURDY POT, WILL LAST YEARS) 

Front/back: 17 in x 14 1/2 in 

Side: 17 in x 16 in

NOTE: Though we typically have faster shipping times and turn arounds on these if on hand, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for yoni pots to ship. In some cases we sell out fast and have to build your yoni pot and also apply the waterproof stain. No free shipping. 

Luxury Yoni Steam Pot

$95.00 $130.00