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” I ordered the lip balm, skin detox mask, & the lip gloss in Rose Gold. The balm is so smooth and lasts 3 times as long as other brands! The mask leaves my skin silky smooth & refreshed 😍 & the lip gloss has the perfect amount of shine & isn’t sticky at all! I love that all the ingredients are all natural & so does my skin! 💕 I recommend to anyone especially if you have sensitive skin! 🍯”- Emily Danielle Summers

” Lip gloss is the best. It makes your lips soft and shine. It doesn’t make your lips peel and feel sticky. Just ordered the body moisturizer and I’m so excited to try it.”DaQuisha Wright

”I absolutely love the lip gloss and lipbalm. The lip gloss is just right amount of tint. Will definitely be ordering again.”- Uneka Lakesh Taylor

”Buying the lip balm and body oil was the best decision I ever made. The body oil helps your skin stay soft the whole day makes your skin feel amazing. The lip balm keeps my lips moisturized the whole day and I love kissing my man with my soft lips 💕❤️ Thank you Autumn 👏🏾👏🏾😘😘”- Erica Ellis 

”I love the lip gloss- goes on very smooth, not sticky at all, and it has just the right amount of color! The skin detox mask is refreshing- I have sensitive skin, and this is perfect for me! Plus, my order came very quickly. Really pleased with every aspect of Honeyed Lips and Skincare!”-Lonny Nelson 

”Amazing products, excellent customer service” Freddie Shelton Smith III 

” I bought the clear lip gloss and it is amazinggggg 🍯 makes my lips look good and will purchase more 💕”- Raegan Conley

I just received my body moisturizer and it smells great! I was using coco butter for my stretch marks but it has such a strong smell. Her moisturizer has a great smell and it actually works. It doesn’t have that thick greasy oily feeling. It leaves a little shine as well! I love it! I have been using it for Jayce eczema as well and it works great as well. Their products are wonderful and affordable! The shipping was fast as well!”- DaQuisha Wright

”So i looovveee this moisturizing cream. Its butter texture then when i put it on its so thin & light. My face didn’t get dry at all today like it normally would! Wanna put this on my whole body 😍😩🙌🏽”- Tanyla Hill 


I been using this all morning. It's so moisturizing!”- Shandera Gardener