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Glasses-related acne?

Glasses-related acne is REAL! How often are you cleaning yours? 🤨

Glasses, just like our face, are exposed to bacteria and dirt throughout the day, which means those toxins can get into your pores very quickly. Putting dirty glasses on each day will only aggravate future breakouts. A clean pair of glasses is a great way to prevent acne! Check out some tips below!

1. Wash Your Frames, not Just Your Lenses- Pay special attention to each earpiece (that gets exposed to oils in your hair), the bridge, and nose pads. Those are the parts of your glasses that will give your pores the most exposure to dirt and bacteria. The best way to clean your frames and lenses is with soap, warm water, and dry cloth. Repeat this each morning and night. You’ll see results in those problem areas✨

2. Watch Your Make Up and Use Blotting Pads- Heavy makeup can get trapped in our pores, then gets pushed down even further when you put on your hip frames. One way to keep your glasses on without ditching makeup altogether is to carry blotting pads. If you wear makeup daily, it’s worth checking out mineral powders which are much easier on your pores✨

3. Store Your Glasses in Their Case- The bathroom is not a place for your frames to stay and chill for several hours; there are loads of bacteria living in there that are going to get on your frames and lenses. Keep your glasses in its case when you are not wearing them✨

4. Pay Attention To Problem Areas On Your Face- Washing your face is the only way you are going to clean up the bacteria your glasses leave behind. Spend extra time on the areas that your glasses tend to touch, and be sure to wash your face twice daily to avoid making that problem area a disaster area✨

5. Clean Frames While You’re Out- Even if you clean your glasses twice daily, you still may be subject to some dirt or oil buildup on your frames. Carry alcohol pads or use rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to keep them clean throughout the day✨